Thursday, May 22, 2008

New soy candles available

We have just received our new soy candles from the Beanpod Candle Company. These candles are the #1 selling soy candle in America. They come in 3 different sizes of jar candles and sell for the same price as our popular "Keepers of the Light" jar candles.
These soy candles are made from 100% natural soy wax and will burn much cleaner than regular candles. They also will burn 30% longer than regular candles. We now have 15 different frangrances available for you to pick from. We also have soy beads which you can melt in a melter or use in our glass pillar candle holders as a base. Stop in and check them out!

New braided rugs available

This picture shows the holder which we just received from our braided rug supplier. We now have twenty braided rugs on display in our lower level on this holder. These rugs are 4'x6' and come in two styles. Half of the rugs are the popular cotton braided variety, and the other half are the new outdurable braided rugs. The outdurable rugs can be used either outdoors or indoors and will not show stains no matter what you spill on them! We are continuing to offer these rugs on sale at 30% off the original price. Come in and check out the new display in our lower level.

Sorrento chip & dip set

This picture shows the new Sorrento chip & dip set which has been very popular. You can choose any of the 6 colors available for the two sizes of bowls which fit in the holder.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

New products received week of May 5th

These three pictures above show the new glass candle holders which just arrived this week. They are larger than some of our other candle holders and come with some unique stands.

The two pictures above show the new colors of glazed pottery which we received this week. The new colors are green/blue and brown/purple. This pottery is similar to our other glazed pottery but comes in some new shapes and sizes.