Monday, February 13, 2012

Here is a picture of the fabric necklaces (scarflets) which are very popular right now. They currently come in 13 colors starting from the left the colors are: purple, beige, red, mauve, rose, turquoise, black, light gray, dark gray, lime, brown, tan, rusty red.
We will be receiving 12 new colors starting in early March and will post pictures when they arrive.

Here are a couple new pictures of some new additions to the collection of scarf jewelry which we carry. Some of these pictures make the jewelry look more gold colored than it really is. Most of the jewelry comes in a silver color only but we do have about a dozen styles that also come in a gold color. Altogether, we now carry over 65 different styles of the jewelry for you to pick from. Give us a call at 320-762-8786 if you wish to order by phone and have it shipped to you!